Lose weight, get fit and tone up with Fitness 4 Weight Loss

Sick of spending hours at the gym for no results?

It’s not your effort but your method: don’t train more, train smart.

What’s included in the Fitness 4 Weight Loss program?

  • Portable and High definition videos
    All videos are HD quality, stream on all devices and can be downloaded so you can train anywhere
  • Brian’s 5 Core Workouts
    Designed by Brian for quick weight loss results – watch previews here
  • 20 Fitness Block videos
    Too busy for a full session? Focus your training with a quick, targeted fat burning Fitness Block
  • Easily create 625 unique Workouts
    No chance of getting bored with our simple to use Workout Builder – take a look
  • Outstanding Customer Support
    Exclusive and direct access to Brian for coaching support and guidance – read more
  • Connect with Brian’s bnatural community
    Become friends with our community of 10,000 happy and healthy fans
  • Learn from editions of bnatural News
    Delivered straight to your inbox, the latest wellness hacks, recipes and more
  • Bonus Free 15 minute consultation with Brian
    Meet Brian with a 1-1 virtual meeting; set goals, ask questions and learn from his 20 + years of coaching experience

Let’s beat the obesity epidemic together

Brian Killian

Qualified Naturopath, Fitness Coach, Founder of bnatural, Health Coach at Food Matters, Head Coach at The Gabriel Method. ANTA professionally registered health professional.

Obesity is an epidemic with latest numbers showing globally a staggering 650 million people are overweight. To put that number in perspective the entire population of the US in 2018 was 325 million.

Obesity hurts people not just physically but emotionally, mentally and socially. Carrying excess body fat is a risk factor for all preventable chronic conditions including heart disease, some cancers, mental illness and diabetes.

My passion for 30 years has been to coach people on how to achieve healthier and happier lives. In that time the most common, and most critical goal for my clients is weight loss. And one of the most effective tools I’ve used to help them? FITNESS.

Success leaves clues, and by studying my clients’ results I’ve learned what works best. So in my years, I’ve developed my own formula of fitness training which delivers outstanding weight loss results for my clients… and can for you too.

I’m here to help you do it.

Part proceeds of your purchase will go towards supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Why Fitness 4 Weight Loss is for you?

  • Lose body fat and achieve a healthy weight
  • Be and feel strong, physically and mentally.
  • Boost your energy and vitality for life
  • Love your new confidence and vibe
  • Naturally relieve stress and anxiety
  • Prevent chronic health conditions like heart disease, cancers
  • Enjoy better and more restorative sleep
  • Have better sex
  • Amp up your natural immunity power
  • Get glowing oxygen rich skin
  • Improve your mood, memory and concentration
  • You will look and feel great!

Easily create over 600 Workouts

Having variety in your Fitness Training is great, actually vital, for accelerating weight loss success.

With this unique Workout Builder you can easily create your own specialised, custom built Workout. It’s set up so you’ll follow Brian’s success formula for weight loss… Warm Up, Strength Work, High Intensity Blast and Cool Down.

With 625 possible Workouts there’s plenty of options! Here’s how you do it.

Create a session
Create a session

Outstanding Customer Support

Brian wants to help you be fitter, stronger and slimmer.
He recognises everyone is on their own journey so anytime you have a question, need a boost or even want to celebrate a win, email Brian or contact him via Live Chat. (no canned responses but personalised support)

BONUS: with your purchase of Fitness 4 Weight Loss you’ll receive a free 15 minute 1-1 Coaching Session with Brian.

He’s helped 1,000’s before and is here for you too.

Happy Customers

Fitness 4 Weight Loss has everything you need


  • Fitness videos specific to weight loss
  • Short and easy to follow sessions
  • Perfect for all ages & fitness levels
  • Stay safe by learning correct training technique

Coaching and Support

  • Motivating coaching instruction
  • Personalised support direct from Brian
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Outstanding customer care

Special Features

  • Spectacular Australian scenery and wildlife
  • Get fit anywhere – at home, at the office, outside
  • Little or no equipment needed
  • Great value! Create over 625 unique sessions
Part proceeds of your purchase will go towards supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Do you have a question?

What science supports Fitness 4 Weight Loss?

In his 20 plus years as a coach, Brian has helped many people to lose body fat, improve strength, and generally live happy and healthier lives. In this time Brian has adhered to the principles of Strength Training and High-Intensity Interval Training. These principles have been made more popular in recent times with the best-selling books authored by Dr. Michael Mosley including "Fast Exercise". In addition to this please find below relevant scientific papers supporting the principles Brian has used in Fitness 4 Weight Loss.


If I have a question can I ask Brian?

Yes, you can and Brian loves to hear from you. The best and fastest response is to email Brian direct at brian@fitness4weightloss.com Brian will try and answer your question as quickly as he can, however, if you can give him 24 - 48 hours he'd appreciate it. Thank you! 🙂

Can I get a refund on my purchase?

Yes, you can. Brian would like to extend you a 14 day 100% money-back guarantee. Whilst we really hope you enjoy Brian's Fitness 4 Weight Loss program if for whatever reason you don't, please contact Brian within 14 days at brian@fitness4weightloss.com and he will organise a full refund.

How often do I need to train to get results from Fitness 4 Weight Loss?

Good news! Anytime you do a Fitness 4 Weight Loss Workout you will benefit. Brian recommends 2 or 3 Workouts a week, with a day off in between, for best results.

Are the Workouts very long? I don’t have much time.

Not at all. We know long and slow exercises don’t work well for weight loss. A Fitness 4 Weight Loss Workout is short with most of them about 20 minutes and targeted for weight loss. Remember too each Workout is in 4 blocks:
  • Warm-Up
  • Strength Work
  • High-Intensity Blast
  • Cool Down
... so if you're pushed for time and only have 5-10 minutes, do a block of Strength Work or maybe flick your 'fat burn' switch with a High-Intensity Blast, you're in control. You save time, you get the benefit, you get slim and strong!