Frequently Asked Questions


Should I consult my medical professional before I start?

Keeping physically active is key to a healthy lifestyle and will bring you many benefits.  However it is important to consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, not just Fitness 4 Weight Loss, to ensure there are no underlying issues that could negatively impact your regimen. No doubt all will be well but best to be sure :)

What science supports Fitness 4 Weight Loss?

In his 20 plus years as a coach, Brian has helped many people to lose body fat, improve strength, and generally live happy and healthier lives. In this time Brian has adhered to the principles of Strength Training and High-Intensity Interval Training. These principles have been made more popular in recent times with the best-selling books authored by Dr. Michael Mosley including "Fast Exercise". In addition to this please find below relevant scientific papers supporting the principles Brian has used in Fitness 4 Weight Loss.


What medical conditions can Fitness 4 Weight Loss benefit?

Brian developed his Fitness 4 Weight Loss specifically to provide a solution for obesity, which is an epidemic in our modern world. However the benefits of exercise, in general, is strongly correlated with a better quality of life in terms of general health and well being. Conditions known to directly benefit from the principles found in Fitness 4 Weight Loss include:
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Back and Joint Pain
  • Dementia

Is Brian qualified?

Yes, Brian is a qualified Fitness Coach with specific qualifications in Strength Training, Group Instruction, Fitness Assessment, and Prescription. He first began his studies in 1996. In addition to his work as a Fitness Coach, Brian is an accredited Remedial/Sports Massage Therapist and Naturopath. He provides these services from his clinic, bnatural, located in Adelaide, South Australia. He works closely with Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method (a revolutionary mind/body approach to weight loss) as Jon's Head of Coaching and Fitness Coach. Brian is featured as an author and presenter on Food Matters and consults with their audience as a Fitness Specialist and Health Coach. Brian is married to Sharon, has 3 children, and lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

I want to target my problem areas. Can Fitness 4 Weight Loss do that?

It is true you can’t spot reduce parts of your body for weight loss. But you can target them with Strength Training for better tone and appearance. Our revolutionary Workout Builder gives you the opportunity to create personalized Workouts to meet your individual goals and target specific areas of your body.

Will I need to buy a lot of fitness equipment?

Not at all. Most of our Workouts require little or no equipment. For those that do, you can easily do them with items you’d have at home if you don’t.

I have mobility problems. Is Fitness 4 Weight Loss for me?

Yes. Brian created options for everyone. Brian believes fitness is for all and intentionally designed his program to help everyone, from the athletic to the beginner. Any age, any fitness level, he has thought of and catered his exercises to suit. So if you’re unable to stand, or have trouble getting up and down off the floor, Brian has designed Workouts specifically for you.

How often do I need to train to get results from Fitness 4 Weight Loss?

Good news! Anytime you do a Fitness 4 Weight Loss Workout you will benefit. Brian recommends 2 or 3 Workouts a week, with a day off in between, for best results.

Are the Workouts very long? I don’t have much time.

Not at all. We know long and slow exercises don’t work well for weight loss. A Fitness 4 Weight Loss Workout is short with most of them about 20 minutes and targeted for weight loss. Remember too each Workout is in 4 blocks:
  • Warm-Up
  • Strength Work
  • High-Intensity Blast
  • Cool Down
... so if you're pushed for time and only have 5-10 minutes, do a block of Strength Work or maybe flick your 'fat burn' switch with a High-Intensity Blast, you're in control. You save time, you get the benefit, you get slim and strong!

Is Fitness 4 Weight Loss suitable for my whole family?

Yes. In each Workout, Brian encourages you to be your best and go at your own pace. Everyone, every age, and every fitness level can benefit from his simple to follow and supportive coaching style. We love hearing feedback from our clients that the whole family, Mum, Dad, and the kids are enjoying our program. We do ask and encourage you to check with your Medical Professional before starting any exercise program including ours.

Contact Us

If I have a question can I ask Brian?

Yes, you can and Brian loves to hear from you. The best and fastest response is to email Brian direct at Brian will try and answer your question as quickly as he can, however, if you can give him 24 - 48 hours he'd appreciate it. Thank you! :)

How do I contact you?

We love to hear from you and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, queries or problems. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sales Support

Why your purchase will contribute to Make A Wish?

THANK YOU! Brian and Sharon Killian thank you sincerely for your generosity in purchasing Fitness 4 Weight Loss and the help it will enable children, like their son Harry, to enjoy their 'wish' as they battle to overcome life-threatening illness. Brian is delighted to donate a percentage of profits from the sales of Fitness 4 Weight Loss to the Make A Wish Foundation. Brian and his family have benefited from the generosity and support of the Make A Wish Foundation. Their son, Harry was granted a 'wish' and the impact it had on Harry's ability to cope with his cancer treatment, and his subsequent recovery, was profound and one which Brian and his wife Sharon can never thank Make A Wish enough. Please read our son Harry's story of his 'wish' and the positive impact it made in his recovery from cancer. Harry's Make A Wish Story

How will I receive my order?

After successfully moving through our Shopping Cart you immediately gain access to your Fitness 4 Weight Loss program. You can start turning on your FAT Burn switch straight away. If not ready to jump in immediately that's ok. We also send you an email with instructions on how to access Fitness 4 Weight Loss whenever you're ready.

How much Fitness 4 Weight Loss cost?

Fitness 4 Weight Loss is available to you for a one-time payment of US$69. For this, you will receive lifetime access to:
  •  Brian's 5 Core Fitness Workouts (Sit and Get Fit, Fighting Fit, Functional Fitness, Outback Fitness, and FreeStyle Fitness)
  • 20 Fitness Blocks - short Workouts to target your specific goals
  • our unique Custom Fitness Workout Builder, giving you the ability to create over 250 of your own Fitness Sessions
  • all Fitness Sessions are shot in beautiful Australian settings in full HD
  • all Fitness Sessions are downloadable and can be viewed on your phone, tablet, computer, and TV. Do them anywhere!
  •  personalised direct email coaching support direct from Brian
  • FREE 15 minutes coaching session with Brian

What payment methods do you accept?

We provide secure payment options for all major credit cards and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) If you prefer we provide the payment option using the PayPal facility too.

Can I get a refund on my purchase?

Yes, you can. Brian would like to extend you a 14 day 100% money-back guarantee. Whilst we really hope you enjoy Brian's Fitness 4 Weight Loss program if for whatever reason you don't, please contact Brian within 14 days at and he will organise a full refund.

Technical Support

Do I need to be connected to the internet for videos to play?

First time, yes. But all videos are downloadable for you to keep, forever. Once downloaded you can play them on any device, TV, PC, tablet, and phone. This makes them completely portable allowing you to enjoy your F4WL Workouts wherever and whenever you choose.

Still have a question for us?

Feel free to contact us with any queries you have.